Reflections: The Dale Bruning Quartet with
Rich Chiaraluce, Mark Simon, Paul Romaine (JLECD-7632)


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All Arrangements by Dale Bruning

1. Love Comes Softly – Dale Bruning [7:39]
2. Cabin in the Sky – w.m. w. John Latouche; m. Vernon Duke [11:24]
3.Dancing with Daffodils – Dale Bruning [10:29]
4. What Is There to Say – w. Yip Harburg; m. Vernon Duke [6:15]
5. Autumn in New York – w.m. Vernon Duke [9:10]
6.Port o’ Call – Dale Bruning
7. I Can’t Get Started – Vernon Duke [6:39]8. Grant Street Azure – Dale Bruning [7:45]

Executive Producers: Rich & RuthAnn Chiaraluce; Dale Bruning; Ken Walker
Recording/Mixing/Mastering Engineer: Mike Thompson
Re-mastering Engineer: Colin Bricker – Mighty Fine Productions, Denver
Art Work/photos: Jude Hibler – cover and back photo of Golden Ponds, Longmont, Colorado

Mr. Bruning’s Guitars: Denny Stevens, Salem, OR
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