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Here is a sample of Dale’s song Dancing with Daffodils, followed by Duke’s Autumn in New York.

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Taken from a live concert at Dazzle Jazz in Denver in 2004, this CD features Dale Bruning’s original compositions and Vernon Duke’s songs. With Dale are Rich Chiaraluce, Mark Simon, and Paul Romaine.


Dale Bruning – Reflections (Jazz Link Enterprises JLECD 7632)

Although recorded back in 2004, this fine CD demonstrates how truly timeless is the music of Vernon Duke, and by no means coincidentally, how Dale Bruning’s interpretative gifts similarly ignores the artificial bounds of the calendar. This set was recorded at Dazzle’s in Denver as a part of the ongoing series of themed concerts by guitarist Dale and his musical partner, producer Jude Hibler. The songs played here include Autumn In New York, I Can’t Get Started and What Is There To Say. There are also some of Dale’s own compositions, including Love Comes Softly and Dancing With Daffodils, all beautifully played by Dale and his regular collaborators, saxophonist Rich Chiaraluce, bassist Mark Simon, and drummer Paul Romaine.

For more of Dale Bruning’s fine playing take a glance at an earlier entry here (Jazz Guitar – Music & Words, 30 October 2012), which examines in more detail the work of Dale and Jude.

Dale Bruning’s CDs can be bought from Jude Hibler‘s website.



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