Mellow Mood CD


Listen to a sound clip of Langosta Bay. By the way, Mark Patterson set aside his trombone for the bongo drum and makes you think you are in the tropics – well, if it isn’t snowing outside.

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When you are an octogenarian, Dale Bruning, and someone suggests that you make a recording with some of your former students, it is a joy to consider. With the talents of Bill Frisell, Mark Patterson, and Mark Simon, who all studied with Dale at some point in their early careers, Dale called upon them and they came. Although John Gunther did not study in that sense with Dale, he said, “Every time I play with Dale, it is a lesson!”

On this 2017 release, two of Dale’s compositions are played: his most recent being Langosta Bay, where he hunted for lobsters (the Spanish word for lobster is langosta) in a bay near Cuba when he was in the US Navy in the 1950s. The second song is Headin’ East, based on the chord changes of East of the Sun and West of the Moon. He actually wrote the song for his second volume of The Dale Bruning Jazz Guitar Series: Vol. III: Phrasing: Scales & Intervals in 2013 (JLE Publishers). An excellent CD!



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