Just Between Us CD


From this double-CD, here is a clip of Everybody Loves My Baby, but My Baby Don’t Love Nobody But Me which was filled with laughter and light-heartedness while never losing the groove or the fun.

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When Dale and Mike (Michael) Moore recorded for the first time in New York in 1995, they clicked personally and musically. From the first CD of Tomorrow’s Reflections, they went to Conference Call, The Timeless Music of Harold Arlen, The Timeless Music of Harry Warren, to the last double-CD recording of Just Between Us. Just Between Us was another live recording at Dazzle Jazz in Denver, Colorado in 2012 and this one includes Dale, Mike, and Bill Frisell. When the musicians enjoy each other and the music, so does the audience. Esprit de corps flowed in a triangular pathway so palpable, you could almost see it. The audience certainly heard it, as you will when making this purchase.


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