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Dale has written more than two dozen songs. To hear the melody line, click on either the "CD name" or "CD cover image." If you would like to purchase a lead sheet of any of those songs, go to our Products page, find the correct song, and add as many songs as you like to your Shopping Cart. The songs will be mailed to you. 

Some of his songs have been recorded and can be heard at various CD pages posted here. Love Comes Softly and Grant Street Azure have been recorded on two different CDs, with different instrumental configurations.
For example, on the CD Tomorrow's Reflections, the following songs can be heard:
"Tomorrow's Reflections"
"Grant Street Azure"
"Love Comes Softly"

On the double CD Just Between Us, the following songs of Dale's can be found:
"NPPS" (Nancy, Pam, Paul, Scot - Dale's children)
"Her Tender Countenance"

On CD Reflections:
"Love Comes Softly"
"Port o' Call"
"Grant Street Azure"
"Dancing with Daffodils"

On CD Conference Call:
"Conference Call"

To purchase Dale Bruning Lead Sheets, go to the Products page and order it or them.

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